Thursday, 31 May 2018

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Mars Lander

The design process begins with Identifying the problem.

After you have identified the problem you must create a brainstorm to fix the problem.

Now comes the build What materials do you need? How are you gonna build it?

After these stages you have to Test, Evaluate, and Redesign, Why is it a good idea to keep testing a design.
Mars is made up of valleys, deserts, and polar ice caps like earth. Mars has a very strange surface. The soil is all red and can be very rocky in places and also very sandy in other places. For my mars rover it's going to have big wide tires or even tracks so it doesn't sink into sand and get bogged. It will also have a lot of ground clearance so it doesn't hit rocks and so it can climb over rocks with ease.

The mars terrain will  affect my design because sharp rock could pierce soft tires but hard tires or even track cannot be pierced.
I used Java script to manuvure my prototype of my mars lander. JavaScript is one of the most popular programming language sites out there.Java script is very good to use and on it you can program the sphero to make a square by going straight then turning 90° right and doing that four times makes a square. Using Java script there are quite easy ways to programme and also very complicated ways.
Our Robot design has this shape because it has a low center of gravity so it can't flip over with the wind.Our Robot will navigate the terrain with these features because it has cameras and sensors. Our data capturing tools are these because ( think of your first goal)  Our lander will be maneuvered by remote controls through the tricky terrain on Mars