Wednesday, 27 September 2017

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Election DLO


Election SOLO


When I started this is where I was. Prestructural i’m not sure about this subject and I didn't know anything.

Now i’m Multi structural Because I can Define what government means ? Government is when a group of people govern a country and make decisions to change it.

Describe government. Government is a place where different parties are voted into have a better say about what they want.  

Describe ways in which people can make decisions. The ways in which people make decisions is they bring it up and try to persuade people about the thing they want to change then the have a vote about it if they get more votes to make it happen they will follow through, and if they get more no votes they will not.

Identify how the government of Aotearoa / New Zealand is different from the way in which our school is governed. The government of New Zealand is different to the school government because the NZ government helps the whole New Zealand and the school government helps the kids of New Zealand and does not help New Zealand do anything about global warming, homelessness and ect.

Describe what makes up palernment the structure. There are 120 seats in parliament and all of them get taken up by the parties for example if a party gets 30% of the party vote they will get around 36 MPs in Parliament (being 30% of 120 seats).

Describe why some people choose to stand for parliament. Some  MPs (Members of Parliament) usually rise  from their seats in a bid to get the Speaker's attention - this is known as 'catching the Speaker's eye this get their attention and makes them listen to you more.

I can also list a lot more things.

By Jayden